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CAME axo Series swing gate motors

Came AXO Series Linea swing gate motor

External operator for swing gates – AXO-3 for up to 3m leaf & AXO-5 for up to 7m leaf

AXO Series are the new electromechanical operator designed for long life and utmost safety even with very large gates.


  • Revolutionary 2-end worm-screw drastically reduces wear on the axle box.
  • 24V gearmotor has bearing semi-shells in die cast aluminium of excellent quality and silent running.
  • Adjustable mechanical stop to memorize the gate run.
  • Simplified connection means only on single three-wired cable.
  • Innovative 230V technology, which gives very efficient and simple control of slowing down movements.
  • Dedicated Encoder Movement Control function constantly controls the gate leaves’ movement.
  • Revolutionary double-threaded worm-screw drastically reduces wear on the axle box.
  • The low-voltage gear motor guarantees intensive use applications such as apartment blocks and industrial facilities.
  • The electronic obstacle detection circuit constantly sweeps for any obstacles to the gate leaves, for increased safety

FAAC Swing gate operators

For more than 50 years, FAAC has been producing automation systems for gates. An extensive range of products to transform your gate into a FAAC automatic gate.

Automated swing gates, underground, external or sliding. Quality, safety and ease of use and installation have always been the main features of all FAAC automation systems for gates.  Their compact Operator designs are available to meet any application

Centsys VERT-X swing gate operator

(Available SOLAR Power Option)

The VERT-X operator has been designed to safely and cost-effectively automate a single OR dual leaf domestic swing gate. Combining an innovative open-nut drive system, advanced diagnostic capabilities and functionality, rugged die-cast aluminium construction and exceptional aesthetics for a wholly unobtrusive installation

Some of the advanced features offered by the V-Series Controller are:

  • Fully automated single-button Limit Setup for single and double swing gates
  • Full graphics LCD display provides an intuitive user interface with built-in diagnostics
  • Separate safety inputs for infrared beams on both the closing and opening directions
  • Advanced closed-loop speed control to maintain safe and reliable operation of gates even in windy conditions
  • Fully configurable gate Run Profiles
  • Selectable and adjustable Auto close with pushbutton override
  • Pedestrian (Partial) opening with automatic closure
  • Positive Open and Close Modes for gate locks and electric fence contacts
  • Support for Inward and Outward opening gates
  • Multiple Modes of Operation
  • A status LED output to indicate the gate status remotely
  • Pillar Light control
  • Leaf delay is selectable for either gate leaf
  • Onboard code-hopping receiver with selective adding and deleting of remotes