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  • Designed for regular vehicular flows in both residential as well as multi-user settings.
  • Features soft profiles, rounded edges to offset the sail-effect
  • Designed for regular vehicular flows in both residential as well as multi-user settings.
  • Features soft profiles, rounded edges to offset the sail-effect
  • Fixed OR articulated boom arm
  • Complete range of accessories available


Centsys – Sector II

The SECTOR II barrier has been designed to safely apply high-duty vehicular access control to roadways between 3m and 6m wide.

The battery backed-up system ensures continued operation in the event of a power-failure. The fail-safe position and collision-detection system have been designed and tested operation and to provide an unparalleled level of reliability and durability in operation.

The boom arm travel-limits are managed by a sealed opto-electronic system that ensures precise position and trajectory control.

A precision die-cast gearbox and novel speed and trajectory control algorithm ensures smooth and rapid operation

  • 430 Stainless steel cabinet construction epoxy coating in Safety yellow
  • Standard Battery backup
  • 100% duty cycle for high-volume applications
  • Top mounted control panel with diagnostic screens for easy maintenance
  • Integrated ChronoGuard timer with range of auto-activation features
  • Onboard multichannel CENTSYS code-hopping receiver

Download our brochure & installation manual for the complete machine specification


  • Features innovative design features
  • Latest in the line of automatic road barriers.
  • Ideal solution to control roads and parking areas in industrial applications
  • Supplied in 24V motor drives for intensive applications
  • Innovative shapes all included in a barrier which fits harmoniously in all environments.

Solar Boom gate

Our gates run on sunshine…

With the trend towards renewable energy supplies Eco Traffic Solutions has been providing solar powered solutions for some time now…

Generally our 40W solar system kit meets even the most arduous usage requirements.  It carries a 33Ah storage battery housed within the gate cabinet complete with regulator.

There is one main requirement that is required however, direct sunlight.  Obviously heavy tree cover or shade from surrounding buildings will hamper the application of a solar system.

There are many benefits by choosing a solar solution such as,

  • More economic installation costs over mains supply
  • Can be constructed to be portable for work sites
  • No ongoing running costs
  • Safer DC power supply
  • Consistently reliable
  • Speedy installation

B680 Boom gate

The B680H has an internal load-bearing structure and an external removable housing. This design gives the system great stability and permits easy replacement of the housing. Equipped with everlasting” which exceed 2,000,000 cycles of continuous-use build-in its reliability. The brushless motor drive raises 8 m beams in less than 6 seconds, in total safety, thanks to the reverse on contact feature. Add the programmable integrated flashing traffic light system to greater safety in poor visibility conditions.

Centinel manual boom gate

Our Centinel manual boom gates come is sizes ranging from 3 meter to 6 meter boom arm lengths

The manual boom gate is a cost effective solution compared to an automatic boom gate.

  • Actuating operating handle enables comfortable and easy handling of the boom pole.
  • Simple thumbwheel locking mechanism allows the pole can be locked in the open or close position
  • Should additional security be required our catch post with padlock can also be fitted
  • The balancing spring mechanism makes the boom gate a breeze to operate.
  • Long lasting, strong and durable, the cabinet is made from 3CR12 stainless steel and powder coated.
  • The boom gate is designed using heavy duty industrial bearings and requires little maintenance.


  •  Specifically designed for large industrial applications
  • Unmatched in reliability and power.
  • Only available in the 24V version for industrial applications
  • 10 second opening/closing time
  • Counter weight boom arm balancing
  • Unique dual motor design
  • Speed ramping control