Add our accessory equipment to create a total access package….

Boom gates for traffic calming & control, catering for domestic, industrial & commercial car parks, our range of boom gates offer reliability & robust construction. However this is only half the story….

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Powerful GSM intercom & remote release system with web based functionality

Answer your intercom, and open your gate/garage, from anywhere in the world for maximum convenience and security PLUS! Remotely monitor activity on your G-SPEAK ULTRA by viewing transaction logs online or downloading them onto your computer with Centurion Systems’ convenient and user-friendly web interface, G-WEB PLUS.

FAAC XKP keypads

Available in both wireless & fix wired this keypad was designed by a world-leading industrial design house and crafted out of the finest materials, these stylish keypads offer state-of-the-art functionality packaged within beautifully refined aesthetics.

  • Stainless Steel (AISI 304L) cover – offering extremely high resistance to corrosion
  • Compact design (21mm thickness) – making it suitable for just about any entrance
  • High quality materials – ensuring many years reliable operation
  • Capacitive touch keys – providing for an elegant and reliable user interface
  • IP54 rating – ensuring you can install it outdoors with confidence that it will withstand the elements

Centsys Keypads

The CENTURION SMARTGUARD and SMARTGUARDair range provides efficient, secure keyless access control by enabling users to store up to 1000 unique codes comprising one to ten digits in its non-volatile memory. A variety of electrical devices can be activated (including gate operators, alarm panels, water pumps, etc.) by making  use of one or more of the outputs provided.

  • Multi-channel functionality
  • Reliable memory back up
  • Selectively add & delete
  • Wired or wireless convenience

Proximity swipe/keypad combinations

The Ness UltraProx S2 is a single door stand alone multifunction access controller Keypad and Card Reader with Weigand output all in one convenient package

  • IP68 Waterproof -For outdoor use in harsh environments
  • Super-Fast Operating Speed – Prevents bottle-necks during peak times
  • Flexibility in Operation – PIN only – CARD only or PIN+CARD operation
  • Tough Metal Housing – Allows installation in public areas
  • Installer and User Friendly – Fully programmable via keypad in standalone mode
  • Block enrolment can enrol 2500 cards within 3 minutes




Eco Traffic offers various hand held transmitter & access cards from suppliers such as Elsema, FAAC, Centsys, Came and more


Cut lay & seal inductions loops

Eco Traffic also offers the installation of induction loops & detector modules for activation of various inputs into boom gates, roller shutters, traffic lights & warning systems.

We carry all the equipment & expertise to install induction loops & control the total process.

Loop detector modules

An induction loop come in 2 components, the ground loop (effectively a electro magnet) & the Detector module which energises the loop & provides the various types of normally closed & normally open relay outputs.  These module come in a variety of makes models & output configurations, from a single loop controller thru to a controller that will manage up to 4 vehicle loops.

Smart loop system

For those installations that negate the possibility of concrete cutting our surface mount Smart Loop System is a quick & effective way to achieve the same result…


  •      Smart loop has been designed to allow total installation in under 30 minutes
  •      Lane closure times during install are slashed, keeping your clients happy
  •      No expensive loop cutting saw or wet vac is required
  •      Comes complete with a 5m wire tail & single channel loop detector
  •      Detects trucks, cars forklifts & even motor bikes
  •      Smart loops can be banked together for extra-large carriageways
  •      Anti-slip finish to all parts.