Why do you need Managed Maintenance?

You may feel your equipment doesn’t operate enough to justify an annual Preventative Maintenance Program.  Equipment maintenance is not just for the obvious things like component failure.  It often can be a result of something not envisaged like rodent or insect infestation…  We all have our vehicles maintained to give us continued trouble free motoring, your plant and equipment is no different.  It too will let you down in the most inopportune times unless you invest a little in its repair & maintenance.


Save time and money

Invariably component failures on equipment can often on weekends or out of hour situations generally resulting in a higher call out rate for the repair.  Also to be considered the longer the equipment is not maintained can impact on the number of components which start to wear.  A single component failure can often have a knock-on effect thru the various mechanisms within the equipment causing further damage & expense.  A stich in time often saves nine…


Customer Benefits

Eco Traffic Solutions offers Preventative Maintenance & Breakdown Service on ALL makes & models of boom gates & other gate automation products. So don’t hesitate to call should you have any gate or motor which requires TLC…

  • Peace of mind
  • Lower annual expense
  • Continuity of site security
  • No interruption to business personnel
  • Preventative measures taken prior to equipment failure

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