Centsys VERT-X swing gate operator

(Available SOLAR Power Option)

The VERT-X operator has been designed to safely and cost-effectively automate a single OR dual leaf domestic swing gate. Combining an innovative open-nut drive system, advanced diagnostic capabilities and functionality, rugged die-cast aluminium construction and exceptional aesthetics for a wholly unobtrusive installation

Some of the advanced features offered by the V-Series Controller are:

  • Fully automated single-button Limit Setup for single and double swing gates
  • Full graphics LCD display provides an intuitive user interface with built-in diagnostics
  • Separate safety inputs for infrared beams on both the closing and opening directions
  • Advanced closed-loop speed control to maintain safe and reliable operation of gates even in windy conditions
  • Fully configurable gate Run Profiles
  • Selectable and adjustable Auto close with pushbutton override
  • Pedestrian (Partial) opening with automatic closure
  • Positive Open and Close Modes for gate locks and electric fence contacts
  • Support for Inward and Outward opening gates
  • Multiple Modes of Operation
  • A status LED output to indicate the gate status remotely
  • Pillar Light control
  • Leaf delay is selectable for either gate leaf
  • Onboard code-hopping receiver with selective adding and deleting of remotes