Centsys D2 slide gate motor

Ideal for general domestic applications for gates weighing up to 250 kgs.

The D2 Turbo has various useful features and functions, all easily-accessible from a user-friendly dial-based setup system:

  • Opening and closing safety beam inputs
  • High-security cleared-beam Auto close in conjunction with safety beams
  • Multiple Modes of Operation: Standard Mode, Open only Mode, Reversing Mode, and two Pre-flashing Modes
  • Automatic closing with adjustable time delay, and pushbutton override
  • Remote gate-status indicator (gate position, power failure, low battery, multiple collision detection
  • Pedestrian Opening3 (with adjustable Auto close time)
  • Courtesy/Pillar-Light timer (fixed duration), with pre-delays and two Pre-flashing Modes4
  • Selectable gate speed modes – Low Speed/High Speed (High Speed is the default)
  • Onboard multichannel code-hopping receiver with the ability to learn transmitter buttons