Centsys D10 slide gate motor

The D10 is a heavy duty sliding gate operator designed to open and close industrial sliding gates weighing up to 1000Kg.

Advanced features of the D10/D10 Turbo logic controller include:

  • Interactive graphical user interface via a backlit LCD display
  • Automated setup of gate endpoints (limits)
  • Fail-safe collision detection and auto reverse (adjustable sensitivity)
  • Smooth, adjustable start/stop (ramp-up/ramp-down)
  • Multiple operational modes
  • Selectable, adjustable Auto closing
  • Pedestrian (partial) opening
  • Positive Close Mode
  • Independent safety inputs for opening and closing beams
  • Automatic beam test for both opening and closing beams
  • Advanced beam alarm functions
  • Advanced lightning/surge protection
  • Timed courtesy light output
  • Multiple pre-flashing modes
  • Independently adjustable motor speed in both opening and closing directions
  • Onboard CENTURION rolling code radio receiver
  • Onboard ChronoGuard (patent pending) timer for timed activation of physical inputs or outputs