Boom Gate Installation

Boom gates are one of the major decisions a commercial building owner or manager has to make involving vehicle access control and gate automation to a site. Boom gates are extremely popular especially in commercial buildings. Their simple designs, easy operation and effectiveness make them a preferred choice in many cases. There is however some factors to keep in mind before installing a boom gate at your commercial property.

Gate design

The design of the boom gate needs to portray the right image, specifically where the aesthetics are concerned. Procuring your gate from a quality manufacturer is the best way to ensure that you are projecting the right image. Eco only supplies the best boom gates in Sydney.


Boom gates typically come in yellow, red or black colors. Although these colors play an aesthetic role, they also make the gate more visible especially at night. Using a luminous paint on the horizontal pole helps to make the gate more visible in the dark under the glare of headlights.


A boom gate installation is usually designed for a specific application. Determine whether you need a gate for a car park, factory entrance or office complex for example, and speak us about the best option for your particular application. This is the best way to guarantee that your gate performs accordingly and meets your needs.

Frequency of operation

A busy commercial building such as a shopping center may require a medium to heavy duty boom gate. There are also options designed for low traffic volumes, which are ideal for small office complexes or residential properties. There is no point investing in a heavy duty gate in a low traffic area, this just means paying more for functionality you do not need.


Lastly, there are both manual and automatic boom gates so it is worth discussing with your security manager or other professional on which option best suits your needs. Some features to look out for include radio controls, flashing safety lights, loop detectors and PE safety beams. The specific features that you need largely depend on the area’s risk factor and how much control you need.

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